Restricted Businesses Policy

Restricted activities

Customers may not use Tink's services in the following business areas:

  • Arms and military equipment (including manufacturers/dealers, and related products and services): Manufacturing and trading products sold for military purposes, with the purpose to kill, harm and destroy, are illegal in most countries. Illicit arms trading is fuelling terrorism and corruption, and the business is heavily connected to financial crime.

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychoactive substances: Producing, trading, and using drugs, narcotics and psychoactive substances are illegal in most jurisdictions, and heavily connected to money laundering, terrorist financing and other types of organized crime.

  • Organ trade and trafficking: Commercial trade of organs, tissues or other body products (usually for transplantation) is illegal in all countries except Iran. Illegal organ trade generates large profits due to the global shortage and demand of organs and is heavily connected to financial and organized crime.

  • Prostitution and red-light businesses: Prostitution and red-light businesses are illegal or strictly regulated in most countries. In addition to the ethical concerns and this type of businesses being closely connected to human trafficking, prostitution areas also commonly used by criminals for money laundering and closely related to other crimes.

  • Wildlife trade and wildlife trafficking: Wildlife trafficking means illegal trading, capturing and collection of endangered species and protected wildlife and products thereof. Wildlife trade and trafficking is an environmental crime with large negative impact on species and populations and is at the same time a very lucrative business enabling organized financial crime and corruption.